The MindSmith Academy

All of My Best Teachings. Nine Neat and Tidy Sessions

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The MindSmith Academy is a compilation of all of the best teachings I have received in my lifetime from my master teachers and it is all packaged into a neat and tidy 9 session program.

In Our Time Together We Will:


- Create a foundation for the work ahead by examining how our thoughts, words, actions and beliefs completely shape the reality we live in

- Stock our tool chest full of mindfulness practices we can pull out and use whenever needed

- Move beyond those frustrating “WTF” moments of life with confidence and ease

- Establish an ongoing spiritual hygiene practice 

- Learn how to cultivate an Abundance mindset

- Call in support from our Ancestor and Angel team

- Learn the powerful “medicine” of being present in all of life’s moments 

- And MUCH more!

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of the inaugural MindSmith Academy. What a ride! Jim is authentic, insightful and extremely connected to Source. It was demonstrated in every meeting, meditation and in our one-on -one calls. In addition to his amazing spiritual wisdom - which would've been more than enough - he connected us to a numerologist who opened up a whole new world for me! It helped me look at myself from a place of power rather than weakness. It confirmed things for me I always suspected. I'm amazing! He also introduced us to EFT tapping. I am better able to manage my emotions using the EFT technique. It works! 

Jim pioneered a super powerful ancestral meditation that allowed me to have an unforgettable spirit experience with my Grandmother. Wow! Jim Herbert is a spiritual Guru! The MindSmith Academy helped me have more confidence, gave me tools to manage life's curve balls and built an amazing community. I took action on my dreams because of the Academy and my new coaching business has taken off! 

This experience has been very powerful. If you're ready for true transformation, don't give it a second thought. Become a part of our community. It's mind blowing!”

- Alaina Mcmurtry, Empowerment Coach

How The MindSmith Academy Came To Be...

Ten years ago when I first started to share my message as a speaker, teacher and coach, I had a tendency to water down my message. I was always afraid of scaring people away or being judged. It didn’t matter whether it was a facebook post, a speech at a Toastmasters meeting or even in a conversation with a friend…

I steered away from things like:

~ Using the words God, the Universe or Divine creator

~ Talking about our connection to Angels and dead people

~ New age spirituality

~ Manifestation and the infinite power of our thoughts

~ Being vulnerable without shame of self-judgment 

~ Energy healing and other less traditional wellness practices

~ The importance of  keeping rituals and making our daily lives more sacred

On a scale of one to ten, I tried to keep the spirituality index of my message around a two or three and I NEVER let it go above a five. I went through every single day walking a tightrope between trying to be unique and interesting versus worrying about what people would think of me. It was an exhausting tip toe across a deep cavern. I’m done with it. 

It’s not that I don’t care about what people think about me. I care DEEPLY about what you think of me, I’m just no longer willing to allow it to change my course of action or water down my message. These days there is nothing that I do that is BELOW a five on the spirituality index. I mean, why wouldn’t we all want to have a better understanding of our true spiritual nature and how it can enrich our human experience? I’ve now fully embraced my role as an elder on the path of life and I see myself as the spiritual teacher that I am.

Contact me for information about the next semester of The MindSmith Academy or to set up a custom personal or group MindSmith experience.