A 33 Day Journey of Self Love and Inner Knowing


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33 is a four week guided journey where you will learn to:

  • Awaken the magical child within
  • Raise your vibration
  • Find the mindful moments in your day
  • Feel the loving support of angels and ancestors

33 is a gift from my late father, James Henry Herbert. The gift came in the form of a vision I had on the 25th anniversary of his death in October of 2022 as I sat in contemplation on the beach along the Chicago lakefront. My father's spirit energy actually arrived with this vision as I was sitting in the shadows of the apartment tower we lived in with my mother when I was born in July of 1964.

In my vision I found a deep sense of knowing that everything I have experienced and all the wisdom I have gained from the path already traveled in my life and work could be packaged into one container and re-gifted to others. Within hours, the entirety of the 33 day course was outlined in my mind.

Why 33?


The practice of divination is to seek knowledge about the unseen and unknown by supernatural means. In ancient times, those who sat in the seat of power relied on oracles and mystics to assist them in making key decisions by accessing their mystical gifts. Numerology is one of those divinational practices.

Within the practice of numerology, the number 33 has the energetic frequency of the Master Teacher. It is said that the energy of 33 is in alignment with traits such as compassion, bravery, honesty, discipline and inspiration.  I learned all of these traits and many other things from my father, who along with my mother was one of my  two first teachers.  I was also 33 years old when my father's spirit left his body!

Here's an Inside Look at Your 33 Day Journey:

Week One: Awakening the Magical Child Within

Each and every day I get to watch my daughter, Emma, bask in the radiance of her own magical child energy. It takes me back to when I was a boy and I loved to play make believe. There was no limitation or boundary to what I could create in my own mind. 

In week one, we will get reacquainted with our own inner child by reflecting back on some of the bends in the river of life. When we remember what it is that we most love to do we can do a better job of giving yourself permission to come out and play to awaken our infinite power. 

Week Two: Raising the Vibration 

The universe is constantly vibrating. In fact when it comes down to it, every single thing that you experience in your entire life  is nothing more than a vibration. When we sit in a frequency of high vibration things like love and gratitude, we attract more of the like things into our human experience. 

In week two, we will  reflect on ways that we can raise our own individual vibration so that we can find deeper levels of spiritual, emotional and enegetic healing . In the process we get better at giving the best version of ourself back to others as we collectively heal the planet. 


Week Three: Living Mindfully 

I have spent the last three decades exploring mindfulness practices and in the process have had the honor of studying with many master teachers. My teachers have been yogis, healers, coaches, authors, business leaders, hospitality heroes, parents, elders and many other things. Every single one of them has left an indelible mark on me and made me the person who I came here to be.

My own teachings have become the synthesis of my masters and all of their masters as well. In week three, I will share some of my favorite mindfulness teachings so you can better get to know your own master within. 

Week Four: Connecting with Ancestors and Angels 

I believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Our spirituality is neither tied to nor limited by any specific tradition. The doors to the kingdom of eternal bliss are open to all without any exceptions. 

Our ancestors, angel teams and guides are constantly conspiring in our favor to help each and every one of us. All we need is to open our conduits, ask for guidance and wait for the signs to appear. In week four, we will explore a variety of techniques to connect to the Infinite love of our own magically unique support team on the other side of the veil.

"These 33 days took me on an unexpected journey into the depths of my highest self. I connected with Self, my guides and my ancestors in ways that I could have never imagined possible. This was a transformational journey that still continues to unfold months after completion of this program. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who is walking their path, is seeking confirmation from the non-physical and is ready to get clarity on who they are their mission in this life time.

Thank you, Jim, for your masterful facilitation and your whole heartedness in sharing your teachings and tools." 

-Jared Schuster, Founder, Sparks of Consciousness Life Alchemy Coaching

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