James Henry Herbert III

Mindfulness Training - Mindset Coach - Men's Work - Spiritual Guide - Oracle
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James Henry Herbert III

Mindfulness Training - Mindset Coach - Men's Work - Spiritual Guide - Oracle
Let's Connect

The reality is that being human right now can be exceedingly challenging...

I’m here to assist you in making sense of things that at times can seem senseless.

I’m here to help you listen to your soul’s true calling and find moments of mindfulness and  purpose within your day-to-day life.

I’m here to remind you that True Abundance is already yours. All the resources you will ever need are in infinite supply within your heart, your mind and your spirit. You can never "run out" regardless of how much love you give away! 

I promise to walk the path with you in your most challenging times and in your most joyful times.



One-on-One Coaching

Prospective new clients typically start their work with me by entering into an introductory immersion journey for three to six months. You and I will walk the path of life together at a frequency that best serves your current life circumstances.

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Group Programs

Receive the benefits of intimate, live access to personal growth and coaching at a more approachable rate. The bonus of community and connection is available for those who seek to meet others who are on similar life journeys.


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Men's Circles

The Water of Life Men’s Community is a safe space for you to listen and share the parts of your life and pieces of yourself that can at times feel unseen or unheard in the other circles of your life such as with family, personal friends and coworkers.

Come on in, the water is fine!

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Oracle Work

Oracle work offers you the opportunity to develop an ongoing dialogue with your Higher Self in the form of readings, meditations and visualizations. This greater clarity will lead you to trust your intuition and connect with the forces of nature at a higher level.

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"Having someone who is non-judgmental, highly insightful, and a good listener, Jim has served as a guide to help me embrace who I am as a man, person, leader, son, friend, and father. Jim has also helped me to learn to let go of the past and any expectations for an outcome, so I can receive abundance in the many forms in which it appears. It’s a blessing to work with Jim and anyone fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with him will receive the many gifts he can offer you.”


-Keith K, Vice President of Marketing
Houston, Texas

Nice to meet you, I'm James Henry III.


Have you noticed that the little voice inside you isn’t quite so little anymore?

Every single person I know is going through an ascension process and an awakening. I see the evidence of this transformation in each and every conversation I have with family members, friends and clients who works with me in a group or individual settings. It doesn’t matter whether you already have the spiritual vocabulary to call it an awakening. It doesn’t matter whether you are embracing the changes that are destined to unfold or whether you are clinging to the old paradigm of life with an iron fist. 

The only thing that truly matters is that each of us find our "way" in these changing times. The beacon that can shine the light and illuminate the path is mindfulness. Living a life that is more mindful even in the most routine circumstances is an elixir for all that ails us.

The nature of our current reality is that everything is in the process of transformation and those of us who are seeking peace and balance within are looking for compassion, counsel and a community to help us become the version of self that we have always wanted to become. 

I invite you to join me on the journey to the life of your dreams. I assure you that this next step of asking for guidance and counsel is one of the most courageous steps you will take in your entire life and in many ways you have already taken it by being curious enough to take a peek...

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"The master teacher you’ve been waiting for is already here. It’s the person you look at every morning in the mirror. When we accept this truth the path ahead is paved with faith and inner peace regardless of the external circumstances.”

James Henry Herbert III

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