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Customized Ancestoral Rituals To Help You Navigate Your Path

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What is an Oracle?

An Oracle is a person who is called upon to offer wise counsel about the path ahead. In ancient times, those who held the reins of power would consult with elders and mystics to provide insight about the possibilities that could unfold based on a particular set of circumstances or actions. It was believed that an Oracle could serve as a portal for information from the Great Beyond about the unseen world. The Oracle would use tools like journeying, readings, mediation and prayer as ways to become a conduit for these messages.

Now more than ever, people in our modern world are calling out to recreate the sacred rituals that can help make sense of life’s great transitions.
For the last few years I have embraced my calling as a conduit of information for myself and for others.
I use smudging ceremonies, oracle card readings and customized ancestral meditation rituals as my tools to help you with things like:
  • House Clearing and/or Blessing Ceremonies
  • Guidance From Ancestors or Angels from the Other Side of the Veil 
  • Vocational Path Mapping
  • Life Stage Transition/ End of Life Support

Though I’ve experienced numerous oracle card readings through my lifetime, I’ve never experienced a more powerful, comprehensive and lovely Oracle Experience as I received with Jim. His graciousness and style show up through Jim’s sensitivity to setting and holding a sacred space with energetically charged stones and crystals. Jim has a deep familiarity with the meaning and essence of each of the stunning cards of the Oracle deck and he held me intrigued and spellbound throughout the entire reading.  I appreciate how Jim invited me to infuse my energy into the reading by the shuffling and cutting of the deck (even virtually)! The reading evoked beautiful messages from my beloveds and ancestors that gave me great opportunity to reflect for this current time in my life and the choices ahead.  This reading was truly magical. I’ve listened to it several times since, so as to soak in the potency of guidance that came forth!  Thank you, Jim!"

- Carolyn Clarke

Registered Professional Counselor, Certified EFT Practitioner and Infinite Possibilities Trainer

Contact me for more information about how situational or ongoing Oracle work can help you navigate the path of life with greater grace and ease.