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With over ten years of coaching experience, I believe that every person is deserving of a custom designed pathway that helps them unveil their own unique medicine and magic.


My clients are drawn to work with me for one of the following primary reasons:

- Mindset Coaching

- Personalized Mindfulness/Meditation Training

- Empowerment and Accountability Support 

- Spiritual Development

Two Fully Custom Pathways to Begin Working With Me...

“Working with Jim has taught me the one thing no other coach or therapist has…how to fully accept and embrace myself for who I am. Over the three years we have been working together, Jim has helped me to learn to let go of shame, release the need to ask ‘why’ this is happening to me, and reshape how I think about my life. 
Having someone who is non-judgmental, highly insightful, and a good listener, Jim has served as a guide to help me embrace who I am as a man, person, leader, son, friend, and father. Jim has also helped me to learn to let go of the past and any expectations for an outcome, so I can receive abundance in the many forms in which it appears. It’s a blessing to work with Jim and anyone fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with him will receive the many gifts he can offer you.”
- Keith K, President and Founder, Savvyeur Marketing, Chicago, IL
“I have participated in Jim’s monthly group calls for the better part of five years and I have been working with him individually as a coach since early in 2020. Having lost both of my parents at an early age and having no siblings, Jim fills a role in my life that provides me security, support and stability. I recently completed Jim’s program called THe MindSmith Academy and I found the teaching profound and the sense of community inspiring.
I sometimes I tell Jim that I think of him as being a personal wizard that I always have in my back pocket and the thing I value the most about him is his objective, sage-like guidance.”
Jason H, Phd. Candidate, Chicago, IL
“I have known Jim for over 20 years and have worked with him professionally as my coach for the past 8 years. Jim’s energy, passion and guidance have been extremely helpful in every aspect of my life. Jim has pushed me at the times I have needed to be pushed and taught me to allow things to come naturally to me when that is the better path to follow. 
As a person who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 40 years, it is critical that I honor my body over my ego and Jim has helped me learn the value of acceptance. Both my personal life and my professional growth have been off the charts and I attribute much of it to the work I have done with Jim. Additionally, Jim is a masterful writer who helps me create content for my speeches and mailings. I couldn’t imagine my life without Jim’s continuing guidance and unconditional support.”
Emily G - Motivational Speaker - Chicago, IL
“Jim is an exceptional resource and guide on the journey of life.  I have worked with Jim for several years at this point and he has helped me in every aspect of life. Jim has been and continues to be invaluable to me on a professional and personal level.  I had been looking to find balance with work, relationships, priorities, anxieties and life in general.   Jim’s guidance and coaching has been transformative - empowering me to learn/refine the tools and develop the awareness to do so.”
Michael E - Corporate Counsel, Father and Husband

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