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I’ve spent the majority of my adult life teaching and mentoring in some form or another. Whether it’s been my 20 years of teaching yoga or ten years of owning a martial arts dojo, or the multiple leadership roles I have held in my professional career, I love nothing more than helping others find their own way to a life of contentment and joy.

Over the last few years I have stepped fully into the role of speaker, writer, spiritual teacher, and coach. I love to speak from the heart and I encourage others to embrace their own emotions as a bridge to a life that is fully engaged.

I believe that each of us have the power within to immediately create a life of purpose, joy and contentment. I believe that everyday we get to choose the story we tell others and the story we tell ourselves. I believe that the words we choose and the thoughts we think create the reality that we live in. I believe in the power of the collective and have the faith that every single one of us can find a tribe that will help us fully experience the mystery of life at it’s fullest.

I welcome you with open arms and an open heart to become a member of my tribe.

Who is James Henry Herbert?

My full name is James Henry Herbert III. I honor my family heritage and the many generations of teachers in my immediate ancestry. In my everyday life I answer to many monikers. My friends call me Jim or Jimmy. I’ve also been called Jimbo and many other nicknames. After years of searching to find my true identity, I’ve finally discovered a truth that has been right under my nose since the day I was born and my parents named me. I am James.

James is the teacher that has been trying to emerge from my soul for years. I have always hungered to share with and help others. On the way along the path I have studied many things. I have been found and been aided by many great mentors. While I have been blessed to be asked to help many others learn many things over the last 25 years, I only began to fulfill my true potential as a teacher when I learned one very important thing….how to be a humble student.

For years I had a need to do things by myself in order to make sure that they got done perfectly. That did nothing but create separation between me and pretty much everybody else in my life. Despite a relative degree of financial success and a lifestyle that looked pretty good from the outside looking in, by age 40 I found myself emotionally unavailable, painfully insecure and wildly self-entitled. For years I had dreamed of being a writer. Perhaps I would pen the great American novel? Unfortunately I was so filled with self-loathing and saw my life as so vanilla I couldn’t think of anything to write about. I remember one day in 2006 I was sitting at the keyboard with nothing coming through me. I started screaming, “I just wish my life wasn’t so vanilla!” over and over and over again.

In a classic episode of “be careful what you ask for” I entered a period where within one year my entire life was turned completely upside down. There’s plenty more to that story, but for now let’s just I did a fine job of pouring gasoline on the fire that ignited in my life in 2007. Like a Phoenix I began to emerge from the embers of what remained of my life. The re-birth phase is still in progress….

The teaching paths that I have followed have made me a student of yoga, martial arts, speaking, storytelling, love, spirituality, the law of attraction and many other things. In my mind there is no limit to the number of things we can study in one lifetime. I continue on the path and keep an open heart and mind